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Tam Chúc guesthouse

The guesthouse has 156 rooms with 5 types of rooms::
• Superior
• Deluxe Twin
• Deluxe Triple
• Deluxe Family
• President Suite


Peak Season (From January 15th to May 4th, 2024)

Off-Peak Season (From May 5th to January 1st, 2025)

VIP Cruise



A VIP cruise is one of the highest-rated services because it's not just a means of transportation; you also get to enjoy premium tea and pastries right on board the cruise, savoring delicious tea while immersing yourself in the magnificent natural scenery on Luc Nhac Lake, and listening to intriguing legends about this place.




With a restaurant system serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, indoors, outdoors, or within the glamorous floating restaurants on Hoan Kiem Lake, it promises to offer fascinating experiences for your extended journey.

Conference and seminar



Tam Chuc tourist area has 3 conference rooms with capacities ranging from 100 to 1000 people. These meeting rooms, strategically located on high floors with impressive views of Luc Nhac Lake and equipped with sound systems, lighting, high-speed internet, and modern LED screens, will be a great choice for events of large clients.

Tam Chuc tourist area has organized the United Nations Day of Vesak 2019. With a professional and experienced staff team, it promises to provide the best experiences for customers.



The service includes: Seminar sound and lighting, decorative flowers (lectern & delegate table), projector/screen or LED screen, Flipchart board, whiteboard markers, 1 bottle of 350ml purified water per person per session.

The price includes VAT and service charge.

Usage time:

  + Half day: 4 hours.

  + Full day: 8 hours.

  If exceeding the above time, surcharges will apply:

  + For Thuy Dinh & Cat Tuong Auditorium: Additional fee of 2,000,000 VND per hour;

  + For An Nhiên/Tứ Ân Auditorium: Additional fee of 1,000,000 VND per hour.

  Discount policies:

  + 20% discount on seminar conference room fees for Travel Agencies and Corporate clients.

  + 50% discount on conference room fees for clients booking accompanying banquet services, with a minimum menu of 300,000 VND per set.

  + For groups of 100 guests or more, using a minimum menu of 400,000 VND per set, a 20% discount on full-package yacht ticket prices will be provided during peak season, and a 50% discount will be provided during off-peak season.

Other facilities

Electric Vehicle

For visitors to Ba Sao Pagoda, they will be taken to Ba Sao Pagoda by electric car at the electric car station near the guesthouse.


Huệ Lạc Restaurant

The restaurant is a VIP yacht docked on Luc Nhac Lake, only lit from 5 pm onwards.

Here, diners not only enjoy delicious dishes but also immerse themselves in the sparkling nature in the evening, enjoying performances of traditional musical instruments on the yacht.

With a capacity of up to 50 people, this will be a wonderful place for private meetings or for those who simply want to change their dining space in a unique way.


Village Market

At the meditation site, tourists can also find memories of a village market with folk games and countryside-style gifts that deeply touch many people. Tam Chuc Village Market - a place that preserves traditional culture located opposite the guesthouse, with colorful booths, folk-style games. This is also a place to organize outdoor parties, BBQs, cultural exchanges, and folk art activities.


Other activities

Visiting Tam Chuc tourist area, customers can experience activities such as Standing on a water slide, kayaking, meditation, cycling, team building...